Autumn term 

Challenging Questions of Faith - a new sermon series tackling some of the big debates of our times. Sunday mornings at 10:30am (and some Sunday evenings at 7pm)

8 Sept - Doesn't being a Christian take the fun out of life?
15 Sept - There can't be just one True religion?
22 Sept - Does God have a problem with sex and sexuality?

    22 Sept 7pm - "Male and female he created them" - feminism

29 Sept - Is faith reason-able? What about science and faith?
6 Oct - Do I need to care for my environment if it will be destroyed?

    6 Oct 7pm - Why does God allow suffering?

13 Oct - Will a loving God send people to hell?
20 Oct - Should I take the Bible literally?
    followed by lunch and Q&A session

If you are interested in exploring why Christian's believe what we believe, you might like to try Alpha - we have both daytime and evening courses starting this September - more details here.

Evenings at 7pm

Our evening services this term start with Breakthrough Praise (see below) then some weeks we will have a prayer meeting, others a service. The programme is as follows:

8 Sept - Breakthrough Praise
15 Sept - Prayer for young people, at Ridgeway Church
22 Sept - Challening Questions: "Male and female He created them" - feminism
29 Sept - Training for Prayer Space volunteers
6 Oct - Challenging Questions: why does God allow suffering?
13 Oct - CAP Prayer meeting
20 Oct - CTWA (Churches Together in Wallingford) celebration

Breakthrough Praise 3 - 7pm, Sept 8

In January and May we began each term with an evening of worship as a way of using praise as a spiritual weapon to bring in the Lord’s blessing. We believe it made a significant difference and brought many of the blessings we have seen this term. We want to repeat this at the beginning of the Autumn term so are calling the whole church to join together for an hour of praise - please join us on 8 September!