WBC at BunkFest
Fri 31 Aug-Sun 2 Sept 2018 

What Lifts Your Spirit at BunkFest?'

Come and see at Creativ-ID 

(near the food stalls on the Kinecroft)

We invite you to decorate flags and contribute to Wallingford's biggest fridge magnet poem! 
The Creativ-ID tent is open from 10am- 6pm on Saturday and after the Service on Sunday til 4pm.
There will be different types of flags to have a go at whatever your age.
Just call in or book your slot by emailing bunkfest@wallingfordbaptist.co.uk.

Flag parade!

The flags will then be paraded through the town on Sunday evening with drummers and some really big flags joining in to make a loud and colourful spectacle. On arriving at the BunkFest site our festival poem will be read out.

We ask that those wanting to be involved in the parade meet at Wallingford Baptist Church at 6.00 pm.


Sunday service @ BunkFest

Church as you may never have experienced it!

Sunday 2nd September 10:15 am – 11:15 am we will hold our BunkFest style open-air Christian worship service. We had over 300 join us for this service last year despite torrential rain and it was a great time, so make sure to come along with your deck chairs or picnic blankets - and bring your friends!

We are delighted to announce that this year we welcome back Marc James and his band (who played in 2016) as well as the amazing Dave Fidler and Lily-Jo (from last year) to lead our worship.



A group of local musicians, artists and poets from Ridgeway Community Church and WBC who bring some creative fun to BunkFest each year. 



Everything we do at BunkFest is made possible by church members volunteering an hour or two of their time. If you are part of the WBC or RCC church families and would like to find out more about getting involved this year, please contact bunkfest@wallingfordbaptist.co.uk.