Life Groups

Life Groups are arguably the core activity of our church, with most of our members involved in one.

There are five evening groups, meeting at homes in Wallingford, Shillingford and North Stoke on Tuesday (1), Wednesday (3) and Thursday (1). Another group meets on a Thursday morning at the church (see below), often with creche provided.

Some of these groups have distinct age profiles – you can find out if you are likely to fit by contacting the leader or someone you know who attends. You can try them out and not attend again – nobody will be offended!

Further groups are defined by age, gender or activity, such as Senior Fellowship (Thursday afternoons), youth house group (Sunday evenings) and ‘Manthing’ (various evenings). Generally, most house groups exist to study the bible, encourage members to grow in their christian faith, and provide a social contact, with partners and friends being welcomed to occasional functions.

For a current list of Life Group meeting times and locations, please contact us.