Carol services and 6 Jan 

Dear Church family,

I really hope you will be able to support our carol services – this week at 7pm and next week at 4:30pm. Not only with your attendance but by inviting and bringing others.

2019 is also nearly upon us…

As we come to the end of this year and about to embark on a new one. The Faith Leaders want to call the church to pray for two main focuses:

  1. To pray for our country at this time with all the uncertainty of Brexit.
  2. To listen to what the Lord might be saying to us as a church for 2019. What is the Lord encouraging/challenging us with? How is he wanting us to respond?

Simon believes the focus for 2019 is discipleship #be1make1 and his advent reflections on Matthew 28:18-20 and our new series on Luke in the New Year will flesh this out. However we want to hear from you what else the Lord may be saying to us as a church at this time so we can weigh it up.

So please pray and there will be opportunity to feed back to the Faith leaders in the coming days. In particular we would also encourage you to join us on the prayer day on the 21st December. Do drop in from 2pm to 9pm for as long as you are able to help you pray for our country and listen to God for the church. There will be a place to write down what you feel the Lord is saying to us which the Faith leaders will pray over and reflect and bring to the church in January.

Finally as we enter the New year can we ask you set aside the day of Sunday January 6th for the church and church family (rather than create another event). In the morning we will open up our important series on discipleship #be1make1. And then in the evening at 7pm we are calling the church to praise. The worship leaders have been led to the story of Jehoshaphat over the last year and they believe to see the Lord breakthrough in our families, church and town we need to call the church to praise. The Bible teaches us that we are in a battle against spiritual forces. This is nothing to be afraid of as we have divine armour for protection and weapons to overcome. One of the main weapons the Bible teaches we have is the act of praise. So we are calling anyone with a weapon of praise (musical instrument) to bring it along and everyone to come and be prepared to join an army of praise. We will let you have the songs before Christmas so you can practice/be familiar with them. But please join us that we may see breakthrough in 2019. The story of Jehoshaphat (2 Chron 20), Elisha surrounded (2 Kings 6), Psalm 34 and Isaiah 61 are important background to this. And I have been personally encouraged by the Michael Smith song 'Surrounded'.

Why not make it a full fellowship day on the 6th and invite someone from the church around for the afternoon or meet/share a meal or...  Loving one another is also a conduit for blessing.

Thank you so much for being part of our family and as you are able do respond to our call to pray and praise so our enemy, satan, can be overcome.

Warmly in Jesus