Prayer is the battle

This Sunday morning we begin our series in Joshua. I believe the Lord is wanting to lead you and us into a time of fruitfulness where we will see a breakthrough in those areas of our lives, our families and our communities that have been a real struggle, We will learn in this series how to enter into the rest and blessing of the Lord in all areas of our lives as we battle in prayer and implement the life of faith as demonstrated in the book of Joshua. So do join us this Sunday morning as we begin this teaching.

Then Sunday evening we have one of our termly prayer and praise services as we wait to receive all the Lord has for us. A practical of some of the things we learned in the morning. There will be communion and a time of prayer for those who would appreciate the ‘laying on of hands’. I hope you remember we chose to use Sunday evenings termly as our whole church prayer meetings - so please do support.

We read that in the early church when they met they were filled with ‘awe’ – excitement, anticipation and expectation. Pray that the Lord will fill you with awe about church.

See you all on Sunday.