Living Room update, March 2019 

The Living Room has been open since September every Monday (including holidays) from 9.00am-3.30pm. The aim is to provide a welcoming place for everyone. In term time we also have an after-school session until 5.30pm for young people and families. We want you to feel able to bring friends in for coffee, particularly those who may feel isolated. We hope that we can share God’s love with one another and others in the community.

Each Monday varies with a different mix of people and activities. Parents and toddlers pop in for coffee and play. There is always tea, coffee and cake. Also available are activities which you may find in any living room such as board games, jigsaws, knitting as well as toys for young children.

There is free Wi-Fi and we will soon have the use of a laptop which can be used in the Living Room by anyone who may not have a computer or internet access at home. Some weeks there is craft and on the first Monday of each month there is “Tool Cleaning” for Tools with a Mission. Most lunchtimes there is soup-making after which we have a shared lunch at around 12.45.

We have a group called Mustard Seeds (a monthly Bible story and song for pre-schoolers) and are running a Post Alpha Group, CAP money budgeting course and offer an opportunity for a simple Bible-study each week. The Prayer Room is also available during this time.

Things you can do to get involved:

  • Pray about who you may bring along
  • Sign up on the cake rota.
  • Share a skill which you have by providing an activity for others to join (this can be a one-off)
  • Help with the setting up on a Sunday night after the service /Monday morning between 8.15 and 9am.

Thank you to all who’ve helped, particularly with setting up and cake making.

If you’ve visited the Living Room we’d welcome your feedback, both positive and

Wendy, Tricia and Esther

For more information, see Living Room page